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Apple Watch Review

Apple Watches are turning up everywhere

  • 4/27/2015

The watch weighs about the same as a standard watch so regular watch wearers shouldn’t feel out of sorts and the case is certainly substantial without becoming bothersome. I don’t regularly wear a watch and I forgot it was on while I’m typing this. The aluminum models weigh much less so if you don’t want to feel like you are wearing a watch you can choose one of them. They feel weightless by comparison once again proving the Apple designers have the concerns of their customers in the forefront yet again. The stainless steel model is a favorite among the internet service providers though more weighty.

Watch bands come in many designs as well. The sports band is great for heavy activity or for the aluminum model in order to forget the thing is even on. There is a leather option as well but don’t think the sports band looks like a wrist band or something. It looks and feels great and there would never be a reason to get the leather band unless you just must have leather. I’d say get them both and mix and match!

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Now We All Get Drones

So you want a military grade drone but you don’t want to learn to fly one?

  • 4/29/2015

People demanded cheap computers and got them. Now we need cheap drones? DroneBase doesn’t just solve cost issuers for smaller businesses. Larger firms that can afford a fleet of drones quickly learned the cost of maintenance but six months later also learned that the technology in this industry is growing so fast that their drones were already antiquated and parts were going to become hard to find. DroneBase users will never have this problem and given the cost savings of just his issue the value proposition is clear.

As Barton built out his business plan he grew close to the drone hobbyist community. Yes that is thing now so we all need to just come to grips with it. The remote control helicopter and satellite internet guys are expanding into military grade drone toys. Deal with it. These hobbyists expressed a desire to find a way to make a living flying their drones. The match was clear and the DroneBase business model began to take shape. Barton said, “The vision for this company is to enable the profession of drone operator” while also “make it as simple as pushing a button for the customer”.

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Evernote Has New Pricing and Several New Plans

The new plans are now called Basic, Evernote Plus, and the high end is Evernote Premium.

  • 4/30/2015

Evernote released all new pricing plans this quarter for its now famous note-taking service app in order to make it more affordable to many new customers as well as fit the needs of many mid-tier users. The free option is still available with the top end offering increased to $5.99 up from $5.00. While this doesn’t seem like a big change the service level agreements have changed as well for the better.

Oddly enough when asked how Evernote came to its new pricing CEO Phil Libin said the original $5 dollar pricing was “random and they realized a couple of years ago it was wrong”. It would seem that the new $5.99 price point is less random but exactly how remains a mystery. At the Web Summit on internet providers by zip code in Dublin Evernote announced that its new pricing will help its customers find the package that bests fits them while also allowing the company to expand its services to exiting users.

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