Apple Watch Review

Apple Watches are turning up everywhere

  • 4/27/2015

Apple Watches are turning up everywhere and the wrists of the fan boys as well as the haters all have something to say. Since it is unlikely that the Apple Watch is both the “greatest device ever” as well as “a piece of crap on my arm” we can assume that these opinions might be laced with more than a little hyperbole. Let’s take as unbiased a look as we can at this thing.
First here are some stats:

  1. Apple S1 processor
  2. 8GB onboard storage
  3. 42mm (390×312 pixel) display
  4. 50g, 42mm x 35.9mm x 10.5mm case
  5. 18 Hour Battery
  6. MSRP: $599 + $149 for second strap

Say what you want to about the Apple Watch, like it or not its design is a marvel. Not only is it an amazing digital device, it’s also a really cool watch. The eye for detail that the designer display is amazing from the digital crown to the various connections it doesn’t look or feel like you are wearing some kind of weird digital thing. As far as smartwatches go up to this point Apple is leading the pack, which should really not come as much of a surprise given their track record.

The watch weighs about the same as a standard watch so regular watch wearers shouldn’t feel out of sorts and the case is certainly substantial without becoming bothersome. I don’t regularly wear a watch and I forgot it was on while I’m typing this. The aluminum models weigh much less so if you don’t want to feel like you are wearing a watch you can choose one of them. They feel weightless by comparison once again proving the Apple designers have the concerns of their customers in the forefront yet again. The stainless steel model is a favorite around here though more weighty.
Watch bands come in many designs as well. The sports band is great for heavy activity or for the aluminum model in order to forget the thing is even on. There is a leather option as well but don’t think the sports band looks like a wrist band or something. It looks and feels great and there would never be a reason to get the leather band unless you just must have leather. I’d say get them both and mix and match!

I’ve been using the Apple Watch since it showed up the office 3 days ago and I took it off for showers and that’s about it. It’s a great watch that is very comfortable. But what kind of device is it?
The digital crown is great, and the Force Touch functionality is exactly what the device needed. If you can’t find what you are looking for in an app by tapping you can press the watch face more forcefully and it opens additional menu options. This really helps clean up what is by necessity a restricted UI. The crown is incredibly sensitive and it will take some time to acclimate to the various taps and presses that will be required to navigate. It took me an afternoon of surfing around the various watch options to begin to get the hang of it.