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Evernote Has New Pricing and Several New Plans

The biggest move is the business card scanner being moved to the premium tier

  • 4/30/2015

Evernote Premium gives users access to everything the app has to offer. At $5.99 per month ($49.99 per year) you get all the features outlined in the previous tiers as well as unlimited monthly uploads, note conversion into presentations, search capabilities, PDF conversion with annotation, digital business cards and more. The individual note limitation is increased to 200MB. That’s a big note!

The biggest move is the business card scanner being moved to the premium tier. This is a heavily used aspect of the app and this might cause some waves with existing users. Given that this issue can be solved by paying $2.99 per month the waves should be small and anyone running around scanning business cards that can’t afford $2.99 per month may need to look into a different business. Or at least stop collecting cards. IT’S NOT WORKING!

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Now We All Get Drones

You can now commission your own drone and pilot for commercial jobs

  • 4/28/2015

Dan Barton, former marine infantry officer and co-founder of DroneBase said, “When we’d go on patrol in Iraq, we’d have air cover from a pair of F16s. You’d want to know what was behind the wall 20 feet away and they couldn’t always solve that problem but drones could”. It was then while he was wishing he had a few drones that all of the many commercial uses became clear. Barton began to look into the now growing UAV business and DroneBase was born.

As Barton built out his business plan he grew close to the drone hobbyist community. Yes that is thing now so we all need to just come to grips with it. The remote control helicopter guys are expanding into military grade drone toys. Deal with it. These hobbyists expressed a desire to find a way to make a living flying their drones. The match was clear and the DroneBase business model began to take shape.

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Apple Watch Review

The digital crown is great as is the Force Touch functionality

  • 4/27/2015

Watch bands come in many designs as well. The sports band is great for heavy activity or for the aluminum model in order to forget the thing is even on. There is a leather option as well but don’t think the sports band looks like a wrist band or something. It looks and feels great and there would never be a reason to get the leather band unless you just must have leather. I’d say get them both and mix and match!

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