Now We All Get Drones

You can now commission your own drone and pilot for commercial jobs

  • 4/29/2015

So you want a military grade drone but you don’t want to learn to fly and take care of this incredibly cool and powerful device. What can you do? You need extensive and detailed air surveillance of a specific area but you don’t have $12 million or flight training. No problem! DroneBase will now supply the drone and the pilot! Hassle free unmanned aerial vehicles. Huzzah!

You can now commission your own drone and pilot for commercial jobs such as photography, data collection, or whatever else you can do outside of launching an attack. Contact DroneBase and they will find someone in your area that can handle the job and they will connect you. Currently the only area DroneBase services in the Greater Los Angeles Area but they have plans to expand fast.
All joking aside this could have a powerful impact on how aerial images are gathered, the process of heavy industrial inspections, as well as land surveys. With the ability to outsource and bid this will drive the cost down and businesses that couldn’t normally afford this type of technology will suddenly have access to it.

Dan Barton, former marine infantry officer and co-founder of DroneBase said, “When we’d go on patrol in Iraq, we’d have air cover from a pair of F16s. You’d want to know what was behind the wall 20 feet away and they couldn’t always solve that problem but drones could”. It was then while he was wishing he had a few drones that all of the many commercial uses became clear. Barton began to look into the now growing UAV business and DroneBase was born.

DroneBase doesn’t just solve cost issuers for smaller businesses. Larger firms that can afford a fleet of drones quickly learned the cost of maintenance but six months later also learned that the technology in this industry is growing so fast that their drones were already antiquated and parts were going to become hard to find. DroneBase users will never have this problem and given the cost savings of just his issue the value proposition is clear.

As Barton built out his business plan he grew close to the drone hobbyist community. Yes that is thing now so we all need to just come to grips with it. The remote control helicopter guys are expanding into military grade drone toys. Deal with it. These hobbyists expressed a desire to find a way to make a living flying their drones. The match was clear and the DroneBase business model began to take shape.
Barton said, “The vision for this company is to enable the profession of drone operator” while also “make it as simple as pushing a button for the customer”.

Drone pilots can use the company site to find missions that they qualify for in their area and be able to receive instructions on the job. It is possible for customers to hire a pilot and have the job executed without even meeting the pilot or seeing the drone. The drone operator simply takes the job, takes the pictures or surveys or whatever, then sends the product to DroneBase to be handed off to the customer.