Evernote Has New Pricing and Several New Plans

The new plans are now called Basic, Evernote Plus, and the high end is Evernote Premium.

  • 4/30/2015

Evernote released all new pricing plans this quarter for its now famous note-taking service app in order to make it more affordable to many new customers as well as fit the needs of many mid-tier users. The free option is still available with the top end offering increased to $5.99 up from $5.00. While this doesnt seem like a big change the service level agreements have changed as well for the better.
The new plans are now called Basic, Evernote Plus, and the high end is Evernote Premium. The features that now help to further differentiate the various plans are larger note size, collaborative feature increases, increased upload allowances, and offline access capabilities.

Oddly enough when asked how Evernote came to its new pricing CEO Phil Libin said the original $5 dollar pricing was random and they realized a couple of years ago it was wrong. It would seem that the new $5.99 price point is less random but exactly how remains a mystery. At the Web Summit in Dublin Evernote announced that its new pricing will help its customers find the package that bests fits them while also allowing the company to expand its services to exiting users.

The free version of Evernote now called the Basic plan will still give customers access to the app on several devices with each note max size being 25MB. Monthly uploads will be restricted to 60MB. The mid-tier option Evernote Plus is $2.99 or $24.99 per year. Monthly uploads of up to 1GB are allowed along with offline access and the ability to save up to 250 emails into Evernote. Evernote Plus can be password locked across multiple devices and the individual note size limit is increased to 50MB.

Evernote Premium gives users access to everything the app has to offer. At $5.99 per month ($49.99 per year) you get all the features outlined in the previous tiers as well as unlimited monthly uploads, note conversion into presentations, search capabilities, PDF conversion with annotation, digital business cards and more. The individual note limitation is increased to 200MB. Thats a big note!
The biggest move is the business card scanner being moved to the premium tier. This is a heavily used aspect of the app and this might cause some waves with existing users. Given that this issue can be solved by paying $2.99 per month the waves should be small and anyone running around scanning business cards that cant afford $2.99 per month may need to look into a different business. Or at least stop collecting cards. ITS NOT WORKING!

The pricing listed here is currently available in the United States however pricing models of similar levels will be made for all countries currently supported by Evernote in the very near future. Given that localization has been done for over 23 languages this needs to happen fast. Also Evernotes fastest growing market in Asia with 70% of all new users coming from that region. Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico are also fast growing segments for the company.